When I was elected Area Governor, my first thoughts were about what I wanted to do. How much I wanted the Clubs in my Area to accomplish, and the hopes I have for the Toastmasters in my care. That lasted about half an hour.

Then I began to think about the kind of commitment that would be required from me to meet those goals. The time, the energy, the focus, and the strength. Toastmasters isn't the only commitment I have. Would I be able to juggle everything and keep my promises to myself and others?

Worse yet, I don't want to start out with grandiose plans and then abandon them as I become overwhelmed. This is no small fear - it has happened in the past. There are six Clubs in my Area. I have to believe in myself before I can convince so many others to follow where I want to lead.

And also, I know that others are watching. People who elected me, people I know and respect as Toastmasters, and people I have never met. Can I meet the expectations of others as well as myself?


Mark Curcher
04/06/2013 3:55pm

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