As I begin to visit more Toastmaster clubs, I am starting to notice distinctive Club 'personalities'. The basic meeting roles, rules, and activities are common to all clubs, but the personalities of the members, the venue, and the local traditions make each club a different experience. 
Last weekend I had a great experience visiting ICAT Toastmasters. After weeks of curiosity, I finally found out that ICAT stands for Indian Chartered Accountants Toastmasters. The meeting was very impressive. A textbook lesson in timing and role-playing. They also elected their new Executive Committee while I was there (pictured at left).

Another point that has been brought home to me is the need for constant practice to maintain public speaking skills. I've done Table Topics at three different Clubs over the last two weeks and my performance has not been as good as it should be. This is the sort of thing that Toastmasters training is so good at - highlighting weaknesses and providing opportunities to address them.